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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

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This course is tailored for Engineering Graduates in Aeronautical engineering, AME students and graduates from related engineering streams who would like to pursue a career in Aviation Engineering field. This course adds the aviation industry know-how to your engineering skills and gives that extra edge needed. This course, having been curated by veteran aviation experts, covers a wide spectrum of aviation. Starting from Flying Principles, Navigation Aids up to Regulatory Authorities, Quality & Safety Processes and more.


The student must have completed or studying in the final year of engineering in Aeronautics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

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This whole learning journey would start with Aviation experts walking you through a complete flight cycle of an aircraft. This is a very first critical step for all aspiring Aviation Engineers. In this module, Industry veterans and experts would take you through the big picture of the aviation industry and the opportunities that exist for an aspiring engineer.


Engineering Departments

This module would take you through various engineering departments and functions of an aircraft maintenance division of the aviation industry. This exploration would not only help you all to get a good understanding of how each of these functions interacts with others but also the job opportunities that the aviation industry presents.


Major Parts of an Aircraft

This module introduces you to the aircraft in a way an Aeronautical Engineer must understand.


Aircraft Flying Principle and Theory of Flight

This module will guide you through the details of the theory of flight, the principle behind it, control surfaces that help the aircraft manoeuvre and various phases of a flight.


Navigation System and Navigational Aids

This module dives deeper into the various aspects of air navigation. Starting from flight paths approach used in defining flight paths, various navigational aids used on board as well as on the ground, the principle behind them going upto the latest state of the art Performance-Based Navigation.


Regulatory Agencies

The aviation industry is highly regulated. All the activities that the Maintenance Engineer performs fall under the purview of Regulatory Authorities of the country. This module helps you understand various regulatory agencies and their roles and responsibilities in governing aviation.


Aircraft Maintenance Documentation

Maintenance in the Aviation industry lives by the mantra ‘Do what is written-. Write what is done’. Needless to say, the documentation is extremely important in the aviation industry. This module would help you understand various maintenance documentation.


Quality and Safety Practices and Systems

Human safety is paramount in aviation. Safety and Quality are the two key pillars of the Aviation Industry. This module delves into Quality Assurance, Safety and Risk Assessment and other related practices followed in the Aviation Industry.


Aircraft Maintenance as a Concept

This module is the essence of the entire course - What does aircraft maintenance stand for. You will dive deeper into aircraft maintenance concepts and various practices in this module.


Big Data in Aviation

Big Data in Aviation is the next big thing in the industry. Big Data, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the way Aircraft Maintenance is carried out. This module provides an overview of how Big Data Analytics is changing the way maintenance activities are carried out in the Aviation Industry.


Materials Planning and Inventory Control

Aircraft maintenance is a complex and expensive affair. Every maintenance engineer endeavours to make sure that aircraft are not grounded. One of the important aspects of this endeavour is efficient Inventory Management, which ensures timely availability of spares. Airline Industry employs Engineers in its Materials Planning and Inventory Management function. This module delves into inventory management and related aspects of Aviation Industry.


Aircraft Ground Handling

A lot of coordinated efforts go behind the screen to make sure an aircrafts lands and leaves the airport as scheduled. The team that works behind the screen is the Ground Handling Team. This module introduces you to various activities performed by the Ground Handling Team.


Aircraft Leasing

In today’s aviation industry, most airlines lease aircraft instead of buying them. As an informed maintenance engineer, you have a role to play. This module opens up the nitty-gritty and complexities of leasing an aircraft.


Aircraft Cabin Maintenance

This module focuses explicitly on aircraft cabin maintenance which is directly responsible for passenger comfort and hence to airlines revenue. You will get to know various activities performed in cabin maintenance.

Course Authors



A Global Certified Aviation Expert and a DGCA Approved Trainer with over 40years of working experience in the field of Aviation Engineering, Radhakrishnan currently dedicates his time and energy to educate, empower and enable domain qualified aviation enthusiasts to be connected to the Industry through training and guidance.

Radhakrishnan started his career with Air India (National Carrier of India) back in 1970 and then had a very close association with many other national and international Airlines Including Malaysian Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines etc. He has strong hands-on and management experience of working in various aspects of Aviation Engineering like Aeronautics, Aviation, Aircraft Maintenance, Systems Engineering and Airline Engineering Management. He is also a Certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a license in the fields of A, C, E, I and R (Airframe, Engines, Electrical, Instrument, Radio Communication & Navigation Systems).

In addition to his experience of working in large Airlines, Radhakrishnan also had a very close association with organizations like Honeywell Systems in their Aviation Division and Nehru Group of Institutions as Chief Instructor in their AME Training Institute and an Advisor to the Aeronautical Engineering Department. This right blend of experience helps Radhakrishnan to be a perfect guide for the journey of bridging the gap between Industry and Universities. Radhakrishnan completed his BSc Engineering in Electrical Engineering stream from Kerala University.

Aswani sharma

Ashwani Sharma

Currently working as an Aviation Consultant from 2018, Ashwani has a very long career in the aviation industry spanning 43 years, He started his career with Air India (India’s National Carrier) in 1976, right after his graduation and had a long stint till 2013. During this 37 years of association with Air India, Ashwani has been involved with all aspects of aviation engineering and has handled different roles in Line Maintenance, Major Maintenance, Quality and Safety aspects of aviation. He has also handled many overseas assignments during his long association with Air India, which included the role of Regional Manager Engineering (UK Europe). After his superannuation in 2013, Ashwani did his second stint in the airline industry as SVP Engineering & Maintenance with a Regional Indian airline - Air Costa - from 2013 to 2017. He was designated as a nodal officer to implement ICAO’s Safety Management System in Air Costa

He has carved a niche for himself as a conference speaker, presenter and moderator. Starting with his first presentation at King's College, London in 2006, he has attended 50 + international conferences all over the globe and made presentations on a plethora of topics covering the entire gamut of Airline/MRO engineering including Aviation Safety. He presented a research paper on the ICAO Safety Management System at the International Conference on Safety by Design in 2014. He has been nominated on many committees and fora by Govt. of India's aviation regulator - DGCA. He was a member of NAST (National Aviation Safety Team) to implement and oversee Aviation Safety in India under the aegis of ICAO Ashwani holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Punjab University, India.

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"I am a Mechanical Engineering student going to my 7th semester and i have enrolled myself for Aircraft Maintainance Engineering programme offered by Edgevarsity as i found it to be very beneficial for me to get industry relevant knowledge which becomes critical once we look for job opportunities.I am very happy with the content of their programme".

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If you aspire to be an aircraft maintenance engineer, this course will help you achieve that dream. This course teaches you those aspects of aircraft maintenance that is generally not covered in Engineering Schools, but you are expected to know. This course will help you get that extra edge.

In a live online course, you have to follow the time table set for the classes. However, in the self-paced model, you are free to take classes at a time convenient to you and repeat as many times as you need to be comfortable with the concept. That is a great advantage with the self-paced program. Self-paced you learn at your place, your time and your speed. In a live class, if you have any power or internet disruption during the class, you might miss those aspects. In self-paced, you do not have the risk of losing anything.

Classes are pre-recorded videos. You do not need to be familiar with any specific platform. You just need login to to start learning. It’s that simple.

This course is created by

A Radhakrishnan

Ex Dy. General Manager, Kingfisher Airlines Chief Instructor - Jawahar Aviation Institute & Advisor Aeronautical, Nehru Group of Institutions

Ashwani Sharma
Ex Senior Vice President (Engg & Quality), AIR COSTA

Needless to say, both of them spent decades in the aviation industry working in Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering field.

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